The fate of a nation hanging in the balance...

Money, Blood and Conscience is a global publishing phenomenon-- a unique combination of fiction and investigative journalism rolled into a soaring novel of Ethiopia's struggle for freedom and a real-world social action campaign. David Steinman superbly portrays the fight by the world's poorest for food and justice.

Here is the epic that's sweeping the world with its rage and compassion: the story of an idealistic American TV producer and an Ethiopian guerilla fighter caught up in a magnificent, heartbreaking campaign for human dignity. Read Money, Blood and Conscience -- destined to become one of the great novels of all time.

In an ancient land where nothing is as it appears...
An impossible love.
A friendship betrayed.

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One of the most shocking scandals in the history of U.S. foreign policy

the starkest account of contemporary evil since “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”